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Calling All Cedu Survivors

Hello, hello, Cedu survivors, escapees and graduates… and likewise, to all from similar, sister and satellite programs (the Benchmark, NWA, Tranquility Bay nexus).

I’m working on a documentary about the subject, in an effort to tell some stories and elucidate some hidden histories from our lives – the time we spent in strange isolation from the world, in one of these very odd schools, with their very odd, and then often invasive and abusive, philosophies.

This blog up for you to say hi, drop me notes, post links, ask questions, or fill me in on what you’re reading and discovering about the schools.

I’ll be posting video clips as editing continues. The basic premise is as follows: Make this work available to a wide audience, the widest audience, but especially, to those who will want to know about these schools: that is, parents who are considering sending their child away; or, a young person, who is being sold on the idea of going.

Don’t be shy, or strangers. Do check in, do post relevant links, do be friendly, and not afraid of making your experience or opinions known about the bizarrery we call Cedu.


Rudy Bentz and the Swift River Academy

What are teen “tough-love” and “behavior modification” programs like, from the inside?

You can discover at least a little by reading “What it takes to Pull Me Through,”, by a writer named Dave Marcus.

Reading the book, I recognize all of the details – the forced labor, the bizarre, unregulated, unprofessional group ‘therapies’; the tactics of humiliation, isolation and coercion. I have to say, however, that while the author shows a good facility with chronology, he seems to have done little to no research on the effectiveness, ethical nature – or legality – of what he was witnessing. Read the rest of this entry

Dr. Nicki Bush – ASTART Guidelines for Ethical Treatment of Teens

An excerpt from our upcoming documentary on the perilous world of ‘therapeutic boarding schools’ for teens. Here Dr. Nicki Bush talks about A-START, (the Alliance for the Safe, Therapeutic and Appropriate use of Residential Treatment), and their recommendations for parents, and teens, who are considering boarding-school therapies as a solution to teen and family problems.

You can visit the A-START webpage Here, and download a color PDF of their guidelines yourself Here

More to come…