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Cedu Documentary – Cedu Raps and the Synanon Game


Cedu survivors, grads and escapees – tell me if this looks familiar?
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Cedu Documentary – Selling the Schools – Cedu Brochures

Brochures, circa 2000, for the Cedu Schools. (click to enlarge).

I invite you to look at the glossy images below, and compare that with the testimonials from ex-Cedu (and Cedu-type) schools, listed at [here and here] and

In the forums at Cafety and Fornits, ex-students, and a few staff and parents, share stories of invasive and abusive programs, run by untrained and often dangerous individuals, whose primary qualification for working with troubled youth (or young people sent away by wealthy, but irresponsible parents), is that they were and are extremely troubled themselves.

But in the brochures?

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