Cedu Documentary 2 – Come Smush

Clip #3 from the Cedu Documentary. New students learn about “telling their story” and “smushing!” What is it? You’ll know it when you’ve done it.

Learn more about it in the Cedu Documentary section.


About Liam Scheff

"Author, Artist, Film, Permaculture." Liam Scheff is a writer, artist and stand-up lecturer on issues that people usually don't make comic books about. (Visit liamscheff.com). Liam's highly-praised book "Official Stories" reveals the complex details behind the myths of our times.

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  1. Liam-
    Kari got a hold of me & made mention that you needed people to interview that went to CEDU. I attended from 1992-1994. I came home tonight to watch the clips on your website and it instantly sent chills down my spine. The stories I saw, faces I recognized from attending at the same time. Though you try to explain CEDU to people you just struggle time and time again to make people understand what you went through. I have many a funny, sick & twisted story, to share with you if you are interested. Feel free to contact me. My hat is off to you to make a documentary of this, what we experienced as children and still stays with us through adulthood.

  2. having problems with volume on these videos! I have my volume turned all the way up, and still can barely hear.

  3. Liam, thank you for this work. I taught at a CEDU/RMA school in Montana. The school was created after CEDU/RMA closed in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. By the way, I use the word teach lightly and with a great deal of irony. I quit after two years and three pay raises because I could not bear to be part of such a corruptive, manipulative “society.” I have been active with my state government supporting bills that would regulate and, ultimately, close such schools. Please contact me if there is anything I can do. Thank you.

  4. Chris DiFalco

    Wow!!! First off I agree with Thalia (who probably doesn’t remember me lol). And I have not seen the inside of the house since 99 when I went with Lyndi to visit, and so happens Dennis was working that night. BTW if you read this Dennis, thanks for the Drumming tips! But… I am just now at 30 realizing that Cedu has damaged me in, and I ‘m just now trying to fix it.

  5. You know this is very interesting stuff. I went to Mount Bachelor Academy for a year and a half, which was created by the top 6 administrators from CEDU after it got shut down, and listening to these people is like they went to MBA. Everything is the exact same stuff. Maybe somebody should do a documentary on that place, since they are getting investigated by the state currently, just a thought.

  6. Nothing we did was really that extreme at BCA… At most we hugged, sat side-by-side on a couch, maybe rested our heads on someone else.

  7. Liam thanks for these videos. In Lexington KY in 1987, I was a prisoner of a”rehab” that was eerily similar called Possibilities Unlimited. All of the sexually inappropriate things you describe such as single gender raps and group raps, where confessions of sexual activity were encouraged, were used to humiliate us. Absolutely no thereputic value whatsoever.

  8. I attended Amity School. I was just surfing theraputic boarding school stuff online and came across this. I have not watched the videos yet.
    For those of you who don’t already know, when Amity closed down, the headmaster, John Padgett, was not allowed to be on campus because he had molested about 15 underage girls (actually through the years, a LOT more than that..) There was a huge investigation, all the girls were interviewed and so on. From what I know, John was never punished by law, or sued, or anything. The school was closing down because it sucked, and poor money management (by John) and everybody just went home.
    Over the years, I have spoken to many of the girls who John took advantage of…. really unbeleivable stuff, this guy really had some serious demons.
    John has passed away, but Marci, his wife, is still out there. yikes. She know about what was going on the whole time and did nothing to stop it. It is even said that she was ‘jealous’ of some of the girls. WOW. If she is still out there’helping’ people, that is terrifying. just wanted to share

  9. I was at King George in 2003ish and we weren’t allowed any physical contact with people of the opposite sex, we couldn’t even sit next to them. We also could only have limited contacted with people of our own gender. It was terrible because no matter how upset you were you couldn’t hug someone or hold someone’s hand.

  10. My daughter attended Amity in 1991-92, a period near the end of which it was revealed that one of the instructors allegedly had molested one of the students (not John Padgett). Interestingly, I believe it was discovered because the girl (now woman() in question boasted of it to someone else. As a parent, I was shocked of course. However, I’m more upset with myself for not knowing about the lack of teaching or therapy credentials of the staff. The place was picked by a for-hire education consultant with no allegiances, whose office was in Orange County, CA, one of the most conservative places on the planet.

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