Cedu Documentary – A Rudy Rap

Students and staff talk about two of the most “powerful” staff at Cedu…


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"Author, Artist, Film, Permaculture." Liam Scheff is a writer, artist and stand-up lecturer on issues that people usually don't make comic books about. (Visit liamscheff.com). Liam's highly-praised book "Official Stories" reveals the complex details behind the myths of our times.

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  1. Cascade school Rudy Bentz = Craig Cass
    Jill Bentz = Barb Cass
    The parallels are simply uncanny. No one wanted to be in a Barb or Craig forum (rap) for the exact same reasons.

  2. Rap is a forum right?? Andrew I second that…no one wanted a barb forum…right before I left she told me I would never be happy because I left before the symposium…great thought to have as a 17 year old trying to go to college

  3. The students that speak here are examples of resilience and intelligence. Were the adults all asleep when they recommended a behavioral program for them? I wish you well for your futures.

  4. WOW!!! What a strange day! I just saw this on-line and am remembering what we endured during that time! It was truly a nightmare….I want to thank Liam and all others for participating…Brought up sooo much ….I ended up running away (made it back to San Diego 🙂 ) after a year and a half then went on the 21 day came back and I refused to do anything…Finally I was free!! We all share a similar bond in a twisted way!

  5. Hey Monica I just love your total write-up. What a excellent write-up about that subject. I appreciate you baby. keep it always.


  6. I was a student of Peer group 4 at ASR. Rudy was the headmaster here directly after CEDU.
    I was at Aacdemy at Swift River from 1997 to 2000
    (A 14 MONTH PROGRAM RIGHT?) Looking back…I wish I didn’t fight things as hard as I did. I was on 21 restrictions/tables while there and the “awful scumbag duo” Rudy and Jill talked my parents into allowing me to stay there an extra 7 months. I had a lot of groups (3 hours 3 times a week) that Rudy joined specifically to yell at me. He had the entire group yelling at me for the entire 3 hours until I broke down and disclosed something horrible about my past. Why did he do this to me…because I wanted to pass notes or hold hands with a male student…who eventually was asked to leave while I was kept longer. After graduation…I was back to drugs in two weeks. I struggled for 5 years with opiate addiction….trying to forget the injustices I suffered at the “life-Steps”(the four intense brainwashing sessions lasting 24-48 hours where students were denied sleep and food). I came out; an even more frightened and lost youth, but had the new ability to manipulate and read people even better then before. It had also been forced into my mind to DISCLOSE everything (remember the TRUTH LISTS???) that caused me alot of pain in my life. It has taken me a long time to unlearn the screwed up lessons that were verbally beat into me at ASR. I want to thank Liam and everyone for speaking the truth of these places, It made me revisit what I struggled to forget for many years…and finally come to terms with it. My only regret…not keeping in contact with people and the relationships I made there with other students (a.ka. prisoners) …. I am now sober 6 years and engaged to be married and a successful business owner…but the process of getting to this point was completely set back by the nightmare of my years at Academy at Swift River.

    To my horror I discovered that Rudy is working at a school in NEW MEXICO with now even younger students. Middleschool. Discusting.

  7. http://www.barbaracass.com/

    My goodness. Barbara Cass is a counselor. Check out her “credits.” She’s a “professional counselor.” WTF? LOL!

    And, for a whole day session is $1,000. Interested to know what she does for that grand. Hmmm?

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