Convicted Child Rapist and Murderer Linked to Cedu School

(Thanks to Michael G. and others for bringing this to my attention).

Confession was the central plank of the program at the CEDU “emotional growth” boarding school. We were made to confess to sins, real and imagined, day or night, at the whim of staff. We faced reams of empty paper, on which we were instructed to write our lists – “dirt lists,” “cop outs,” and “disclosures.”

“The Truth Shall Set You Free,” we were told, again and again. We were never told that the process we were experiencing was a direct lift from the Communist thought reform programs of Maoist China. We were not given the work of Robert J. Lifton, to instruct us in the brainwashing we were undergoing. We were, however, forced to share this information with each other, and with any and all staff members. And in due turn, the staff members were instructed to share their “disclosures” with us.

You can see this illustrated in the testimony of former students, who talk about the Raps and Propheets in the ongoing documentary project.

Knowing the staff’s “cop-outs” meant that we all knew that some of the staff there had horrifying criminal backgrounds. We knew because they told us, to our faces, again and again. This was and is pro forma in CEDU-type programs.

That said, I did not know nor did I meet, thank God, the men in question in this case.


[Alpenhorn News, 11-12-2009]California Department of Justice (DOJ) investigators are researching the possibility that serial child molester and child murderer, James Lee Crummel, 65 of San Quentin State Prison, had years of free, unsupervised access to the students at the now defunct CEDU School in Running Springs.

The CEDU schools in Running Springs were founded by Mel Wasserman in 1967 and promoted itself as an emotional growth-boarding school for troubled youths. Monthly costs to board a student reportedly ran as high as $3,500 dollar a month.


In an exclusive interview with The Alpenhorn News, DOJ Missing Person Investigator Bill Gleason confirmed that Forgey was a contracted psychiatrist at CEDU, and it appears that Crummel also accompanied him when he visited CEDU.

It might have been a strange coincidence, Gleason said, but the number of runaway juveniles reported from CEDU always seemed to have increased just after Forgey had sessions at the CEDU campus.

The accusation, substantiated in many parts by confession and multiple court rulings, goes to the psychiatrist named Doctor Burnell Forgey, who was hired by Cedu, it looks like, in the mid 1990s, perhaps to give the cult/school a veneer of credibility as a ‘therapeutic’ institution. It seems that the convicted child rapist/murderer in question – one James Lee Crummel – lived with this doctor in Newport Beach, and accompanied him on trips to the school, and to other group homes for children.

Crummel is multiply accused and convicted of child rape through his young adult and adult life. The pair seem to have engaged in these acts together, or as facilitators for each other’s sickness. Crummel has also been accused and convicted of murder in at least one of the cases.

From the article:

“At the time of his last arrest, Crummel was living with Dr. Burnell Forgey, a psychiatrist with a practice in Costa Mesa, in Forgey’s Newport Beach condominium. In addition to his private practice, Forgey counseled troubled teens at group homes around Southern California.

Crummel was described as “a faithful servant, chauffeur, maintenance, and right-hand- man” to Forgey, now deceased.

In 1997, California State Investigators were notified that Crummel was accompanying Forgey when he would travel to the youth homes.

State officials said Forgey described Crummel to group home staff as his assistant, but Forgey never informed the staff that Crummel was a registered sex offender and pedophile.

In 1998, Forgey confessed that he had engaged in oral sex with a 16-year-old patient while Crummel sodomized the minor. Forgey also admitted that he gave Crummel free access to his adolescent patients’ files, took Crummel with him on his rounds to group homes and would leave him alone with young patients during his visits from 1990 to 1994.

Both men were convicted of child molestation and received jail sentences.

After Forgey confessed to taking Crummel with him to youth homes, State of California officials began examining records of psychiatrists used by group homes around Southern California. During the still-in-progress investigation, it was discovered that Forgey also practiced at CEDU in Running Springs.” Continues Here.

Please leave a comment if you knew Dr. Burnell Forgey, or can confirm or add to the story. And please do contact the appropriate authorities, as per the article so your story can be substantiated and entered into the record:

“[California] Dept. of Justice investigators would like to hear from former CEDU staff members and students that may have had contact with Forgey or Crummel. Gleason may be contacted through the California Department of Justice, Missing Person Unit at (916) 227-3290.


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  1. Just imagine this scenario, knowing what we know about the program we went through.

    Student expressed a desire to leave, doesn’t like it there.

    Staff, who is a child molester, comforts the student. Eventually coaxes them in to “splitting” with the agreement that they will meet them somewhere “down the road” with a waiting vehicle…

    All the staff would need to do is agree that they see the program as bad, that they don’t think the student really belongs there, confirms everything the student says, makes a friendship with the student, becomes a mentor. The staff probably “smushed” with the student regularly, gave back rubs, listened to the story the student told of their life. Gave the student comfort and attention.

    Is this really hard to imagine? Is it far-fetched?

    How often did staff take students in to their homes, on or off campus? I know I was invited to watch movies with two staff members, late at night and the female staff emerged from a shower with nothing but a small towel covering her and proceeded to lie on the top of the towel, nothing above her, naked, directly in front of me and two other students as we watched the movies.

    Take a hundred teenagers, force them to discuss sex all the time, deny them the ability to date or form healthy boy and girlfriend relationships for two years, but force them to smush and interact in very affectionate and loving ways. This seems a recipe for building up a large number of sexually frustrated and horny teenagers with few options to vent their frustration except to form “secret” sexual relationships whether with fellow teens or the staff who controlled them. And when you create this secret setting, the fear of getting caught, when the students know for certain what the punishment will be including the ridicule and humiliation involved, the desire to maintain secrecy becomes very strong. In real life, kids talk about their sexual escapades. At RMA/CEDU, you would work hard to keep it a secret.

    And staff knew this. And any new staff, especially a child molester or pedophile would quickly figure out the system. See that sexual access was not only possible, but encouraged. That touching, holding (smushing), giving back rubs to students was permissible and would not get a second look. Never be questioned. In fact the more, the better. And certainly a trained psychologist would figure it out as well.

  2. We had pedophiles in our era. Everybody who had to be around certain staff knew instinctively that those creepy bastard adults were getting sexual gratification through their ‘Cedu approved intimacy’ with students. The staff would be ‘pulled up’ or ‘brought to a rap’ by some students, who screwed up the courage to say something.

    But some staff were sufficiently charming, and likable, and with the program, so that they just got away with it, endlessly. Not intercourse – not making out, but touching, and cuddling, and hearing the intimate details of the young person’s life, sexual history, and the adult sharing theirs, and massaging, and — you ready to puke? I am.

    But if you did bring a staff to a rap, and say something, well… you’d be asked to ‘run your own thinking’ about whatever they insisted you were ‘projecting’ onto them! And so you would cry, cry, cry about how you’d been molested, or something.

    And then – you’d have to go and HUG THE STAFF you were creeped out by!

    And that was it! You couldn’t speak about what happened in a rap outside of the room. We weren’t taught, like young people are today, that some adults are ill, are pedophiles, are criminals.

    In the Propheets, and some raps, we actually had to sit next to, and with some of these people, and hold their hands, and look them in the eye, and listen to them ‘cop out’ for their sexual feelings for us. The girls got it the most, but there were male staff who, well, who were homosexually-attracted pedophiles.

    There were staff who screwed students after graduation, so, who could argue that it wasn’t so?

    In interviewing people from Cedu and related schools, however, the worst stories I’ve heard came from the AMITY school in Italy, started by an ex-Cedu staff, John Padgett, and his wife Marcy. Maybe some folks will chime in on those experiences. These staff members were intimately involved in the sex lives of the students, in the sense that they paired students together, and instructed them in the methods of sex they should and would be having with each other.

    It was called “the dating agreement,” or permission to date. Again, this comes from ex-Amity students. AMITY being an out-of-country CEDU-type program in Italy.

    We had our incidents in the California school, and there were plenty in the Idaho school, one staff-student relationship became a marriage soon after, though I believe the student told me that they weren’t intimate prior to graduation. But everyone was forced to be intimate at Cedu – that goes to a lot of the power of the brainwashing. The “love bombing.” That constant physical pressure and presence. They kept us jostling each other, rubbing up against each other – with our friends, and our non-friends, and then the people we didn’t like, and didn’t want to be near at all. That was the nightly ritual of smushing and disclosures, where we talked about things that made us immensely vulnerable and meek and pliable, but were forbidden from talking about anything real – like pedophiles, and freedom, and getting the fuck out of there.

    • Hi Liam, I was at Amity… we have chatted before. What you have missed in this is what is the most revolting. There was sexual abuse ALL OVER Amity- some of which I believe has never even seen the light of day.. and it was the top shelf staff who did it- the `founders“. I also know of a staff member, a former CEDU student pushed into a marriage by the Padgetts.

  3. Let me add, that this was made all the more confusing by the fact that, because we were forbidden from dating, all this smushing and intimacy purposely filled that gap – and the inappropriate relationships with specific adults were often sought by students, who were seeking some relief or release for what were normal instincts to date, or explore intimacy.

    Many of us (myself included) had terrible crushes, or mutual crushes on one of our peers/friends – but we couldn’t date, couldn’t say it. We’d have to go into a rap, and let the girl or boy know, “I have feelings for you,” And then we’d be on bans from (unable to speak to, look at, associate with, touch, be near, mention the name of) the person for three to six months.

    And in swooped the staff, to mother us, punish us, cuddle us, and be so wildly inappropriate with us, that, well, I suppose eventually most of us just gave up on that crush, and maybe on most things. Counting the days till we got out. We all counted the bloody days.

    On the criminal aspect – we had staff cop to actual crimes. All was ‘handled’ though, by the powers that were. That was the self-defining, self-policing aspect of the program. Or, it wasn’t.

    If you copped out to it in a Propheet – and we had murderers and pedophiles, and then just your average fucked up kind of people – you ‘worked with it, in subsequent raps. No one ever called the police, far as I know, and as long as staff toed the line, and ‘worked the program,’ they were allowed to stay.

    There were two guys in my time, I recall, who had such a number of complaints from the girls that they, I imagine, were asked not to stay on as staff. But, well, I think they just weren’t as slick as the guys who stayed on and got away with it, again and again.

  4. What an ultimate example of hypocrisy. How completely deranged could you possibly be to accept a scenario where the only people haven actually been convicted of very serious crimes are given authority over very vulnerable, and isolated youth. This must have been like a dream come true for these monsters. OUCH YUCK OUCH!

  5. I was present as a student at Cedu from Aug ’89 to Dec ’91 and I’ve never heard of these two. I’m do not dispute any record presented, but wanted to note that they did not ‘run wild’ with every student in the school. I mention this purely to counter hysteria.

    Nevertheless, I do honestly find this troubling to learn. It’s very, very troubling indeed. This is not consistent with the experience I had at all. I’ve come to terms with the abusive nature of what we endured and to add this to the possible mix of a given student’s experience, I simply cannot image the life-long impact it would have, given that we were there to do the very exact opposite.

    • sounds like stockholm syndrome. For the first three years I suffered from the same thing. I told everyone outside of the program that it was a great learning experience and it helped me. My employer who went to an Indian boarding school in Oklahoma thought I was mad. He was right. But he was also mad. It wore off after some of the people I cared about at that place went apesh!t and lost their minds. Then I realized that they were actually more sane then me at time. I realized Cedu had put a kind of fear in me and that I was lying because of pure fear. I had no clue how bad they screwed my psyche. Prevented me from learning normal social skills during that particular developmental stage of life.

  6. Hi Ned,

    We should all take your point that it is an ongoing investigation. However, you didn’t meet him, most likely because it it wasn’t during your era (you weren’t there at the time of the incidents). At this point, I haven’t heard from anyone who identifies the psychiatrist, Forgey, in their own story.

    I’d like to hear from anyone who was there in the mid-90s, and can confirm (or deny) any of the allegations (and if you can, than contact the California DOJ – (916) 227-3290).

    It might have been a strange coincidence, Gleason said, but the number of runaway juveniles reported from CEDU always seemed to have increased just after Forgey had sessions at the CEDU campus.

    Gleason said what the DOJ is examining now is the connection between Crummel being on the CEDU campus and the disappearance of then 17-year-old John Christopher Inman on January 16, 1993 and Blake Wade Pursley, aged 14, on June 26, 1994.

    A third student, Daniel Ted Yuen, aged 16 at that time, disappeared from CEDU on February 8, 2004, but is not considered a possible victim of Crummel due to the date of disappearance, and subsequent reported sightings of Yuen.

    • Hey Ned and Liam. I attended CEDU from 89 til 91. I must say this place was like a bad dream that I couldnt wake up from. I did it all there. I just couldnt rap my head around telling on myself, cuddling with girls that I couldnt date , telling on other people for doing average ordinary everyday things or those god awful raps. I ran away, refused to do anything in my dorm for awhile and eventualy ended up on a 21 day survival trip in Idaho somewhere. After all that I still couldnt get the fuck out of there. So I decided to fake it till I made it. That was much less stressful. Anyway I met alot of great friends there but I wouldnt wish that experience on anyone.

  7. Ned,

    Pleas excuse my hysteria, and I sincerely apologies if I have been putting things too bluntly here and I understand that there is no evidence that I am aware of to prove guilt in association to CEDU but:

    “Psychiatrist Burnell Forgey, 80, admitted guilt to 20 pages of allegations, that he was sharing his home with James Crummel, a career sex criminal who is suspected of killing a Costa Mesa boy, and took Crummel on rounds with him to youth group homes, where Crummel was allowed to roam free, left alone with the youths and given access to the youths’ files. One of Crummel’s sexual molestations was so violent he nearly beat a boy to death with a tree branch.”(

    “In an exclusive interview with The Alpenhorn News, DOJ Missing Person Investigator Bill Gleason confirmed that Forgey was a contracted psychiatrist at CEDU, and it appears that Crummel also accompanied him when he visited CEDU.”

    Weather or not crimes were committed in relation to CEDU and or myself could not possibly reduce the outrage here.

  8. Carl Janowitz. (nuf said)

  9. I was at Cedu at from 91-93 and I do remember there being a shrink that was hired around the time they started the middle school. From what I recall his patients were mostly the middle school kids and maybe a handful of high school kids. I vaguely remember what this Dr. looked like, but if I saw a picture I would know for sure. It was like mid 1992 when they set him up with an office in the room just behind the Capping Couch under the stairs. This Crummel guy I do not remember, but then again this was 92, so my memory is not 100%. If John Inman was the kid that I helped chase down the backside, we were all told he may have died. I graduated that summer, so I never gave it another thought. This is so scary, with all the things that have come to light in the past several years about cedu, it just put the preverbal cherry on top.

    I do recall most of us being pissed that they brought in a shrink. He was putting all he patients on Prozac and other anti-depresants. We all thought it was BS, like we had been there all that time without having a Dr. or meds, now all the sudden these kids were zoned out on drugs. I remember it being a very strange time for the school. They had just gotten rid of Tim Brace and brought in the numbskull Ron Cook to replace him. This guy did not fit the cedu mold at all. He was way to corporate for cedu. Soon after is when they decided to do the middle school and bring in the shrink. Granted I was not there for too long before this transition took place, but it seemed to me that a lot of the old cedu was starting to whither away and become more corporate and on the path to being bought out by Brown schools.

    I could go on and on, but I must go back to what I was doing.


  10. When I arrived at CEDU back in 1994, I was required to see a psychiatrist because I was being forced to take medications that are now known to cause suicidal ideations in teenagers (Prozac, Paxil). At the time, these drugs were newly FDA approved so this knowledge was questionable, possibly explaining the misdiagnosis of mental illness that I and other students had been given.

    My MD’s name was Dr. Sultani, and he actually helped me (plus a few others, so I heard) to get out of CEDU by advocating to our parents behind the staff’s backs. Rumor was he lost his job at the school because of his actions to help us. He was an angel to me. I don’t know if Sultani is still around or practicing, but he may have more detailed information on the inner workings of the psychiatric group at CEDU during that era. Perhaps this is why he got me out of there. Perhaps he knew just how evil the place truly was and actually decided to do something about it.

    I remember now…Syed Sultani. That was his name.

  11. I remember now…Syed Sultani. That was his name.

  12. I had to see a shrink that had his office as Jack said behind the capping couch (whats a capping couch anyway?). Cedu HS. I got there in may of 93(right before Jack and his group graduated) and grad Dec 95 and probably started seeing him shortly after. Nothing like this happened but it makes you wonder. Honestly all I remember about it was what he looked like and that was the first time I had jelly bellies lol, some shrink.

  13. I remember Crummels face. I think I spoke to him once or twice and I remember he had this soft, feminine, creepy voice. As more information comes to light about CEDU and it’s practices, I am more and more disturbed about the whole thing and I would like to help bring some justice to the mess that has been created. Number one, I feel bad for all of our families that were manipulated to no end, and to the families who either lost a child while in the care of CEDU or sometime after graduation.

    I will admit my problems did not go away the day of graduation, in fact some problems got much worse. It took me quite a while to readjust to the “real world” and I needed to use some of the tools I learned, but mostly my own will to change myself as a person. I will say that in a certain way CEDU helped me, but only to the extent that it got me out of this negative environment I was living in at home. So the fact that I was essentially locked out of the world probably kept me from getting into serious trouble. I relate it to locking an addict in a room till they can fully detox then hoping they can figure their shit out on their own. I think I was pretty lucky to be able to pull myself together on my own.

    …..oh and I had my share of CEDU crushes but looking back at the old, early 90s CEDU fashion I have no idea why. We all looked like complete shit!! Sarah Mihaylo, where are you my love? 😉

    • Matt,

      I don’t know if this is your Sarah, but her age at the time of posting looks like it might be a possible fit. If this IS your Sarah, thank Google, the internet, and a broke down, fat, old, and disabled machinist that can’t do much more than sit in front of his computer all day. Either way, I wouldn’t mind a shout back. (Curiosity killed a cat. Satisfaction brought it back.)

      Sarah Nichole Mihaylo, 27, of 13302 W. Fairmont Ave., Avondale

      This listing is more than 70 names down the list in the Avondale section. Although the odds are slim to none, I hope this helps you.


  14. I had a session with the old man and JLC the killer, at Cedu in the office under the stairs you guys reffered to. Furthermore I remember them insinuating that they had the answer to me leaving the program. I thought they were just goof balls because my parents were adament that they had no intention of pulling me out. I totally shlluffed these guys off because they never made a direct offer to help me split (I was a violent juvenile deliquent with a record of said violence which may be why they didn’t try to seduce me, or maybe I wasn’t as cute as I thought I was. + We were all CEDU snobs, these people didn’t “get” the program we were involved in.

    My CEDU credentials are: I made it through the Values profeet at CEDU in Runnig Springs 94 -96. I finished my career in Idaho at NWA, that’s where my diploma is from. I was a habitual breaker of the sex agreement; with females. I’m male!

    The CEDU staff always snobbed down on psych shit and med shit, so if you know CEDU you know this murderer was an outsider, he looked for the weak. Blake was in my pear group, nice kid, he was sold a bill of goods from these outside analysts. “we will let you come to our freeer happier community” – “if you meet us wherever…

    My Solution: No state or country should give sex criminals protective custody while they are incarcerated. The regular inmates should be put to work giving the child rapists a formal ending that is equally as painful as the way those poor kids ended. The State of California: stop protecting these types. In San Quentin or Pelican Bay!

  15. This didn’t surprise me when I read it.

  16. By forcing us to confess things over and over, until one ran out of things and had to start making up stuff….they were trying to make us forget the truth and real life story. Every time I gave a real confession of something from my past the team leader would deny it as if he were omnipotent and say I was lying.They were trying to make us question our own sanity, it was gaslighting.

  17. Also, I never exactly believed all of the staff were actually copping out. I think a lot of them made up there cop outs in previous meetings with each other and agreed to lie to us in order to set an atmosphere where it is okay to say things and incriminate yourself. In my mind it was just trickery so that our young impressionable minds would feel more at ease while making horrid confessions. Kind of like an anti-role model or something. The dirt list bullcrap they pulled always reminds me of the Spanish Inquisition, or some kid of backwards satanic version of the catholic confession. It’s like Priests Gone Wild or something. Now I have to open a bottle of vodka to get these disturbing mental images out of my thoughts.

  18. it was almost like an unlawful trial. By a court that is not affiliated with the nation in which it resides.

  19. As far as I am concerned, we were POWs

  20. cenea calabrese

    I knew Bernell Forgey through a boyfriend named stephen jones.I knew something wasn’t right.Steve was Bernells cook,handyman and would watch movies with him for free room and board. I always felt uncomfortable around him.I believe he may have been trying to get involved with Steve.Steve became strange after living with Bernell he started having a perverted mind set.I stopped seeing Steve shortly after .Im sorry I didnt know what was going on I should have trusted my gut especially after using Bernells office in Newport beach as a place to study.I often wonderd what happed to steve and if he was aware of this.

  21. Sick to my stomach, and enraged beyond all explanation-at my parents, at CEDU, at the kids who aided and abedded, and at the government who sanctioned such crap for so long. CEDU was the perfect environment for such predators to do their worst in. The type of environment that violates a person’s rights from beginning to end based upon the premise that they are not old enough to have them. This information has me shaking (literally).

  22. Oh and those hacks in the Psych/MED dept also had me on some MEDS which have sinced been proven to fuck you up (big time) and were fucking me up while I was there. Acutane its called, you can learn all about here.
    I feel as though I was being treated as a lab rat and being given new experimental drugs trending the California medical culture at the time. On top of all the bad things listed on the site Acutane seriously drains your skin of all its protective oils and being 1000’s of feet higher than sea level and in the California sun I suffered from major major sunburn constantly which will probobly lead to skin cancer or some other debilitating disease later on in life. Who knows.

  23. No wonder why Themelis Cuiper’s SocialGarden Business meet-ups : social media & social media marketing shared with me a hyper link to this piece – you must be doing a cool job as he is pointing towards you.

  24. I was a student at the amity school, and yes indeed I was set up to date an older boy who was a virgin. I was used like a whore to break him in, and had I chose NOT to “date” him, I can assure you, it would NOT have bode well for me, even though at this stage I was entering the “advance school” (anyone here ever sit through a wrap session devoted only to you, and being yelled at for three hours, being called a whore by marci and john……it wasn’t fun). #1 I was still barely 16, sent there years prior because I didn’t respect my body, and second, to make matters worse, I would then, after our “dates” have to go up to John’s apartment which was on the third floor of the villa we lived in, and while he would be wearing only a robe, with boxers, and I’d be forced to sit on his lap to then answer to his questions about how and if we “f*cked like rabbits.”

    I’m an open book so you want to ask me more, I will dish. I don’t want to knock the program itself, just the head honchos. The tools I picked up there I utilize even today, especially with my own children. Sad the adults didn’t adhere to their own rules and tools.


  25. Hello,

    I just found your site and my heart is pounding. I was at CEDU in 1969. I was 13 years old. I went through the similiar experiences as those I have heard on the You Tube clips on the Cedu Documentary and on the comments here on your site. I knew Mel Wasserman and my brother was one of those he first took in when he was in Palm Springs in 1967.

  26. #31; LD: You said it well; too bad the head honchos didn’t practice what they preach! And Ms. Padgett still doesn’t know how to be accountable or how to communicate in a healthy way…sad. Bless you all!

  27. I just found this site too and have so much to say. I was at boulder creek academy in Idaho from dec 96-98I really think we all sound like we are left with no closure… reading everyone’s experience i feel relieved i am not alone but soo pissed this happened for soo long to so many kids. It was a nightmare! I can’t beleive how corrupt it was and this was tolerated and so blatant. I endured so much wrongful medicating and abuse there.

  28. Cedu was cedu.I was already messed up. I always think of it when I drive past running springs. I remember mike allgoods dog pelinore.a red lab. He was a fun dog to run in the snow with. Pinecone peli.I remember helping to build the dining room.. I have alot of good memories from my time thete

  29. I went to rma from 2003 – 2004. When it basically got shut down. My parents had a law suit along with other parents against the school. I was also sent to the Ascent wilderness program three times. I had a very hard time there because i would refuse to participate in the propheets and other cult like behavior. Needless to say i was made very uncomfortable there. If you would like any information i would love to talk about the abuse and circus that took place during my stay there. I had tried to runaway, i told on a staff member who had been making me uncomfortable who was inappropriately touching other students also, he got fired, and the list goes on. One girl cut herself thirty times there. It was mentally and emotionally tortuous

  30. I have a hole in my heart.
    Right after I turned 15 I found out that my cousin went missing. HAD been missing for some time. I don’t know if she was ashamed or what, but my Aunt hadn’t told us. She didn’t tell us She had sent him to CEDU, and she didn’t tell us (for nearly a year) that he had went missing. She also didn’t tell us about the James Crummel thing, I had to find it (by myself) in one of my yearly searches for new info on my cousin.
    I have panic attacks now when my boys don’t come home on time. I regret even bringing them into a world where we let ppl like that not only roam the streets, but work with CHILDREN! I want to beat him until he tells me where Blake’s body is, but the bastard robbed me of that satisfaction.
    Blake was my closest cousin, we were the same age, we grew up the first 14 yrs of our life together. I miss him SOOO much, and I hurt so much inside, that I sit here even now with tears streaming down my face as I write this.
    Please contact me here if you have any information or stories about my cousin Blake Pursley, or anything about Crummel or the psychiatrist. And I mean ANYTHING.

    • I am so sorry to hear. I went to that school and the therapist was there too. I had to numerous sessions with him. I am a female,so I guess I wasn’t a target for him. Theses stories about all thw children gone missing hurts me. My parents dont care to this day what I went through there. I hope one day you will find peace for your loved one. If you ever need to talk. My email is

  31. The former staff here are still at it in more of these cedu like programs:
    Steve Ornales (he doesn’t even use his first name because he doesn’t want to get his ass kicked later on in life)


  32. I remember Sarah mihaylo she was in the peer group above mine. She was nice.

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