The Strip Search

I was handed this by one of the regular posters here (thanks Bill);

Find below instructions for the older student tour guide, on welcoming new students. Duties include the warm and inviting strip search we all were provided upon being dropped off on the mountaintop, (or wherever your Cedu-type school is/was located).

“Knowing the cracks” indeed! (click on image to expand).

In what private, therapeutic boarding school that you know of, do adult men and women get to strip search incoming and returning students, and later get to cuddle with them, while sharing stories of hardship and sexual abuse?

Welcome to Cedu!

These strip searches were thorough, and did involve a bearing of all potential hiding places for whatever a 16-year-old who has been brought to a school might carry. I will assume that the strip search was a vestige of the early days of the Synanon-Cedu partnership, where ‘students’ were 20-somethings with hard drug habits, for whom quitting was a matter of life and death. For those of us who came later, well… it was just one more in a series of never-ending punishments, invasions-of-privacy, and humiliations, handed to us by the troubled adults (and the few staff you remember as being more decent), who decided to make a career out of Cedu.

For a video memory, have a look at the campus tour with Johnny Propheet.

And remember, “many great friendships have started with move-in tours.” How could they not!?


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  1. Morgan Genser

    That’s a great bit evidence you found about how Cedu violated many civil liberties of people. I would like to have seen the whole document but since its so small its hard to see. Is there any way you can put up a larger view of it or make it available for download

    • See if that’s better, MG. I uploaded an enlarged version. Right click and select “view image,” or just click on the image. Lemme know…

  2. Being on the stripped end of it was just one of the illegal indignities we had to put up with; Being the older student and having to be part of the team that perpetrated this on the younger students is a tougher hit on my moral fortitude. Another piece of my soul they took away by turning me as a weapon against my own peers.

  3. Appreciate it for helping out, good information. “Courage comes and goes. Hold on for the next supply.” by Vicki Baum.

  4. I attended RMA August 1997 to March 1998. I think my parents still have all the documentation. I just found out yesterday that CEDU closed. I’m reeling.

  5. yukon cornileus

    So sick that this went on and is still going on. My heart goes out to all of you, I hope you have found some healing and peace in your life.

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