Escape by Paul Morantz

Escape by Paul Morantz: A deep investigative look at the cults lying under the rug of the American experience, from Synanon and Charles E. Dederich (C.E.D.) to EST and everything in between, by the great investigator, Paul Morantz, who appears in my CEDU documentary. I have a bundle of footage of Paul on these topics that deserve to be featured in a larger documentary about these topics… if there are film-makers or writers working on projects covering the history of cults in American, you have to read and know the work of Paul Morantz. link

Paul Essay on Escape

Now, to make it personal:

When I was freed from the CEDU mess, it took about 6 months for my cracked teenaged head to realize that what I’d experienced was a cult. It was a thought that shook me awake. I got on the phone and started making calls (pre-internet); within three phone calls, I was on the line with a very nice woman who ran the old Cult Awareness Network. (Which was soon to be taken over by Dianetics!) I said, “I think I was.. in a … cult. It was called CEDU.”

She said, “Oh, yeah, yes. You were. CEDU, Charles E. Dederich, offshoot of Synanon. Broken up by the California State Supreme Court. They tried to kill a lawyer named Paul Morantz who was investigating them. Put a rattle-snake in his mailbox…”

My eyes were wide open… Boy, did I have a talk with my mother.

Years later, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the great Paul. I’ve got footage waiting to be used by a good and serious project; contact me and we’ll talk, but serious professional inquiries only.

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"Author, Artist, Film, Permaculture." Liam Scheff is a writer, artist and stand-up lecturer on issues that people usually don't make comic books about. (Visit Liam's highly-praised book "Official Stories" reveals the complex details behind the myths of our times.

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  1. Christopher Korth

    is there anyway i could find out the last name of a girl named Chris who went to Cedu middle school in 1995/6/7? We were put on bans. My name is christopher Korth

  2. Christopher Korth

    Chris was a mexican girl i believe.

  3. Mel washerman was a monster. I was at cedu 1970 to 1972

  4. I was in cedu in jan.1978 until I finally escaped off the mountan in the spring of that year.I would like to corispond with others who disagree with cedu methods,and have been in the rap groups.while i was there Michael. landons daughter was my drama teacher (she seemed to only teach spirit channeling).glen campbells daughter kelli was also there,thea constintine,(gunner connors son of the main actor played mannix.)Point is, it seemed to me that many of the kids had probably been ritually and sexually abused by family members, and the councilors were trama bonding controllers.(

  5. I just want some to know that cedu has been very secret about its methods,because witchcraft is a hidden craft from those it is used upon.It was a perfect place for handlers and controllers to practice on people.These are the same types who handle stars like Brittney spears,mily cyrus,michael jackson,and many others like them.If you want to discuss this,email me at

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