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Cedu Documentary – Crime, Punishment and Fulltimes

Students confess their sins and detail their punishments at the Cedu Schools, and explain the “fulltime,” Cedu’s special form of public public isolation punishment, used to ‘help’ students back to the straight and narrow.

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House Overwhelmingly Approves Legislation to Stop Child Abuse in Residential Treatment Programs

I take this as good news:
The Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act of 2009

What does it mean? Some regulation, some much-needed oversight and transparency. (Sounds like a good thing).

Many thanks to the good people at A-START and CAFETY for their hard work on the issue.

To learn more about the “troubled teen industry,” and “therapeutic boarding schools,” have a look at our ever-expanding documentary-in-progress, on the mother of them all, the Cedu School.

For the ex-Cedu-ees – How many of the following rights were violated at Cedu? (And do we trust the Federal Gov’t to oversee anything?)

Well.. it’s something, and I’m grateful.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The House of Representatives today approved legislation to protect teenagers attending residential programs from physical, mental, and sexual abuse and increase transparency to help parents make safe choices for their children. The Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act of 2009 (H.R. 911) won strong bipartisan support, with a vote of 295 to 102. Read the rest of this entry

Cedu Documentary Clip 5 – Who Is Mel Wasserman?

Former Staff and Students talk about the Guru of Cedu, and the father of the “troubled teen” industry. It was the 1960s, anti-war protests and a bursting drug culture. Mel Wasserman owned a furniture store in Palm Springs, CA, when destiny called…

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Cedu Documentary Clip 7 – Propheets

The Propheets – the pillars of the Cedu ’emotional growth curriculum’; Seven overnight, all-night intensive, interpersonal, no-boundary, no-warning, no-escape adventures in 60s and 70s home-grown self-help psychodrama, distributed over a two-year period for students at the Cedu Schools.

Although Cedu California closed in 2005, the Propheets, along with much of the Cedu curriculum, have been exported to the daughter and clone schools, now in operation.

You are invited to the Propheet:
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Cedu Documentary Clip 4 – Raps

Clip #4 from the Cedu Documentary. Students experience their first “Raps,” Cedu’s three-times-weekly, four-hour “attack therapy,” and based on the Synanon “Game.”
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Cedu Documentary 2 – Come Smush

Clip #3 from the Cedu Documentary. New students learn about “telling their story” and “smushing!” What is it? You’ll know it when you’ve done it.
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Cedu Documentary Clip 1

Preview clip 1 of the Cedu Documentary. Welcome to Cedu…

Read about it at the Cedu Documentary page.

Cedu Documentary – Cedu Raps and the Synanon Game


Cedu survivors, grads and escapees – tell me if this looks familiar?
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Cedu Documentary – Selling the Schools – Cedu Brochures

Brochures, circa 2000, for the Cedu Schools. (click to enlarge).

I invite you to look at the glossy images below, and compare that with the testimonials from ex-Cedu (and Cedu-type) schools, listed at [here and here] and

In the forums at Cafety and Fornits, ex-students, and a few staff and parents, share stories of invasive and abusive programs, run by untrained and often dangerous individuals, whose primary qualification for working with troubled youth (or young people sent away by wealthy, but irresponsible parents), is that they were and are extremely troubled themselves.

But in the brochures?

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Cedu Documentary – I and Me and Summit Scripts

The Cedu Schools put their students through at least nine overnight and/or multi-day “emotional growth experiences.” Graduates and survivors of the schools can tell you the unbelievable details – or you can read them about some of them here.

Below find the scripts, by which former drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals and drop-outs put the children of middle and upper class neglectful parents through the 60s-70s mind-warps they invented.

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